Below is a list of staff members that either work on, or mod the site. If you’re having any problems, please feel free to contact anyone listed below, and we’ll attempt to get it sorted.

Owner: Kyleey

Please remember to be polite when contacting a staff member. Being rude will likely result in being ignored.

Chat rules:

1.) No racism. Nobody likes a racist jerk. Wanna be racist? do it somewhere else.
2.) No bullying. Feel like picking on people? Go outside and do it. We’ll see who’s laughing then. It’s easy to pick on people over the internet, where you’re safe. :]
3.) Spamming. Spamming “1” “1” “1” over and over again is spamming. If you continue to post the same crap continuously, you’ll end up getting banned, as we don’t want the chatbox spammed/flooded.
4.) Try and keep the sexual content to a minimum. I mean, there are minors in the chat, y’know? Have some consideration.
5.) If you continue to cause fights and/or arguments, you’ll end up banned. The chatbox is there to chat with people who have common (or not) interests to you. Not to bitch and fight with. If you want to pick a fight with someone, take it to PM, so the rest of us don’t have to see.